Quality Reporting

A Pivotal Decision for HHIE

When the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced Meaningful Use and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) requirements, the Hawai‘i Health Information Exchange stepped forward to help providers successfully navigate through complex rules and procedures for this Quality Payment Program.

Altogether, Hawai‘i HIE helped nearly 500 providers reach attestation. This translated into tangible benefits: avoidance of financial penalties, maximized payments, and bonuses.

It was a rewarding experience, but Hawai‘i HIE made an important decision to discontinue technical assistance because there was not enough demand for these services. Continuing them would not have been sustainable.

For those providers that are continuing to pursue 2017 requirements (MIPS/CPC+/APM/MSSP), the following is a list of consultants to consider to help with your transition. It is important to note that providing this list does not constitute Hawai‘i HIE’s endorsement of the quality of their services. Please call them directly to assess your needs and their capability of supporting you.

Letter of Validation for MIPS


MIPS and Medicaid Meaningful Use

Applied Research Works
Nadine Owen
(808) 371-1549

Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG)
CMS awardee for direct technical assistance for small organizations
(808) 941-1444

HHIS Consulting, LLC
Cheri Campbell
(808) 283-7696

Ho‘imi Medical
Tammy Tripp
(808) 450-2195

Mary Tsukuyama
(808) 263-9996

MIPS (Groups of 15 or more)

Mountain Pacific Quality Health
Cathy Nelson, RN
(808) 440-6007

CPC+ (Groups of 15 or more)

Mountain Pacific Quality Health
Christine Asato, CPA
Christine.Asato@area-h.hcqis.org (808) 440-6030

CPC+ (All sizes and MIPS)

First Vitals
Norine Wong
Norine.wong@firstvitals.com 1.800.922.8844 ext. 1808

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