Board Committees

Our Executive Committee has oversight and responsibility for financial, governance, and human resources issues, develops the organization’s strategic plan and performance goals, and functions on behalf of the Board between Board meetings.

Our Finance Committee develops fiscal policies and procedures, reviews HHIE’s annual budget, develops plans for company sustainability, reports on the financial status of the company, and reviews areas of potential risk and fraud.

Our Legal Policy Committee develops and reviews privacy, security, and data access policies, monitors contracts and grants, and provides expertise and guidance on legislation and regulations that may affect the exchange.

Our Technical Infrastructure and Standards Committee develops and improves HHIE’s technical infrastructure and technology plan, develops data exchange standards, creates plans to interface with other exchanges, and resolves other technical issues.

Our Communications and Outreach Committee guides positioning of HHIE to internal and external audiences, improving communications, increasing awareness of HHIE, and advancing outreach and opportunities.

Our Interoperability Committee facilitates effective health and social determinants data exchange and interoperability in the HHIE Community, and identifies appropriate use cases of the data and desired outcomes. 

Our Governance Committee nominates officers and directors for Board consideration, and reviews and assesses HHIE's corporate charter, bylaws, and Board policies and procedures.